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The platform that unlocks elite gaming, web3, and AI talent

Hundreds of recruiters, one platform

AAA talent is challenging to reach. We have mastered the art of activating the industry's top talent. Spend less time getting ghosted on talent platforms and more in interviews.

Verified talent only, hyped to chat

Warming up talent is hard. Rupie introduces talent interested in and excited by your brand and role, and are ready to dive into an interview asap.

Decide quickly with custom notes

Get curated notes when talent is delivered to you. Know the exact expectations, requirements, and background candidates have before engaging with them.
Client Testimonials
"Rupie absolutely helped us fill our talent pipeline — your notes and vetting particularly accelerated our ability to pull candidates through. Working with you guys is so much better than working with an agency!"
Stephanie K.
Sourcing Manager @ Activision Blizzard Studios
"We were working with two other external recruiters but Rupie got us to a hire the fastest and not a single candidate sent over wasn't a fit."
Emily G.
CEO @ Double Loop Games
"Rupie provided us with the resources we needed to quickly build out a pipeline of incredible candidates and pricing was effective, as we received an incredible amount of value with their talent-based pricing."
Caanan L.
CEO @ Stardust
About Rupie

Engaging top talent is hard. Let Rupie help.

Rupie is a technology-enabled platform that automates the sourcing process for you. The best way to get warm, qualified candidates delivered to your inbox each week.