Who We Are

We are builders who ❤️ creating & playing games

We're a bunch of game developers and gamers that have united to create a better way to build games. A way that's faster, more inclusive, accessible and cost effective.

Better job matches, curated for you

Our DNA is gaming. We believe in what video games and digital experiences are bringing and will bring to the world. For fun, for inspiration, for learning and for positive change.
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We are advocates who ❤️ the community

Rupie gives back through community events and game jams. We regularly sponsor underprivileged teams and studios to help give visibility to their creations.
If you have an awesome event or want to co-host a gamejam or workshop, reach out to us.

The Team

CEO & Founder

Austin has managed large teams and projects at several companies including LinkedIn, created massive communities in technology, contributed to open source, and spent way too many hours modding and playing video games.

Director of UX, Co-founder

David has a long romance for UI/UX, owning a company creating massive works of internet art for many companies. He is also a polymath that loves the business world, and is pretty damn good at cooking.

CMO, Co-founder

Jonathan (JT) has had many-a-headshot playing semi-professional Counter Strike back in his college years. While he’s not running a data-driven marketing company in the SF bay, he’s digging into all sort of gaming and tech related subjects.
About Rupie

Making games is hard. Let Rupie help.

Supercharge building your game with top industry talent. Rupie is a new way to leverage the superpowers of thousands of curated creators to help build outstanding game titles & digital experiences. Save time and money finding the right people, planning, coordinating, and creating all in one powerful and easy-to-use platform.