Find awesome talent quickly and easily

Hire the highest quality talent in game development. Leverage best-in-class tools to manage your engagement painlessly.

We make you a Hiring Hero

Reach Your Hiring Goals Faster

Rupie is on your side to help accelerate sourcing top-tier candidates and getting them into the door fast. Engage with qualified talent and interview them faster than ever before.

See only data points your care about

The games industry can be daunting to know who is good and why, we unravel the mystery to surface only the valuable skills, culture and experience attributes that are pertinent to your and your game or digital experience role.

Accelerate interviews and feedback

Rupie can manage your unique hiring process as a simplified ATS + matching engine, so you can automatically schedule interviews and know exactly what is going on with a candidate every step of the way; all while gaining rich feedback and insights.

Works with what you already know

We're constantly adding integrations to Rupie. If you have suggestions or are a platform that wants to integrate.
About Rupie

Making games is hard. Let Rupie help.

Supercharge building your game with top industry talent. Rupie is a new way to leverage the superpowers of thousands of curated creators to help build outstanding game titles & digital experiences. Save time and money finding the right people, planning, coordinating, and creating all in one powerful and easy-to-use platform.