Top games industry talent, delivered

Get matched to relevant, interested candidates that are ready to discuss your role. Beacons attracts top games industry talent who are eager to be interviewed by you.

How it works

Quality, pre-vetted candidates delivered.

Rupie Beacons have been specially designed to scour our extensive database of pre-vetted games industry candidates and give only what's relevant to your search parameters. Max signal, min noise.

Candidate matches that get better with each talent drop.

As your talent rolodex builds, Beacons get smarter about finding the talent you truly want, maximizing your time spent interviewing candidates as excited about you as you are about them.

Deploy a fleet of beacons to source for multiple roles.

Have multiple roles that could use a sourcing boost? Quickly spin up beacons for each of them to ensure that no talent slips through the cracks in your search for the best fit.
About Rupie

Making games is hard. Let Rupie help.

Supercharge building your game with top industry talent. Rupie is a new way to leverage the superpowers of thousands of curated creators to help build outstanding game titles & digital experiences. Save time and money finding the right people, planning, coordinating, and creating all in one powerful and easy-to-use platform.