Chrome Extension

Your games talent sourcing companion

Reveal key details of games industry talent on LinkedIn. Save and track the candidates you love. All in one place.

Rupie Chrome extension currently in closed beta.

How it works


Make faster decisions with expanded portfolio insights

Reduce your time spent rummaging through portfolios and repos outside of LinkedIn. Rupie's Chrome extension gathers relevant industry insights into a single view, surfacing fit, role, and persona insights that empower faster decisions on the right candidates.

Store the talent you love. We'll handle the rest

Safely store the talent that catches your eye in Rupie's smart Rolodex. How smart? Rolodex handles a ton of back-office tasks — talent notes, metrics tracking, talent reports, and eventually, talent recommendations — so you can focus on continuing your search for the talent you need.

Get notified of talent updates as they happen

Talent follow-ups can be time-consuming, especially in games recruiting. Rupie's chrome extension + rolodex bundle automatically notifies you of talent availability and profile changes the moment they happen so you never miss out on timely outreach.
About Rupie

Engaging top talent is hard. Let Rupie help.

Rupie is a technology-enabled platform that automates the sourcing process for you. The best way to get warm, qualified candidates delivered to your inbox each week.