Money IllustrationLooking for your next gig? We can help.


Looking for your next gig? We can help.

Rupie connects you with more work adapts to your taste. Pairing you with gigs that match perfectly. After we verify your experience, find your next awesome opportunity in 12 hours or less.
Better job matches, curated for you

Better job matches, curated for you

Get paired with jobs that fit you perfectly. No more guessing if you'd be the right fit.
Slick tools to build & manage teams

Worry less about schedules and payments

Rupie handles scheduling work, managing payment and issues for you. So you can work in peace.
Fair time & cost estimates always

Find contract or a full time work

Mark what type of work you'd like to do. Want more flexibility? Contract with Rupie. Want your next job? We got you.
Fair time & cost estimates always

Getting started is quick and easy

How Rupie Works For You

Whether your studio is looking to hire individual contributors or seeking additional work, Rupie accelerates the process for you. We even streamline the back office mumbo jumbo so you can focus on building.
  • Offer Services

  • Find Work

    Peruse and hire from highly vetted, proven game talent.
  • Build and let us handle the rest

    As you do your job, we do ours by handling all the back office work: projection, scheduling, accounting, payments.
  • Get Paid

    Get paid hourly or by project on an milestone basis in a timely manner. Missed payments are now behind you.
  • Staff Up

  • Find hires

    Find and bid on hundreds of jobs best suited for you and/or your team.
  • Manage your hires

    Via the Rupie dashboard, manage negotiations, scheduling, content approval, and accounting all in one place.
  • Simple payments

    The simple Rupie payments platform can handle all payment types across 17 different currencies globally.

About Rupie

Making games is hard. Let Rupie help.

Supercharge building your game with top industry talent. Rupie is a new way to leverage the superpowers of thousands of curated creators to help build outstanding game titles & digital experiences. Save time and money finding the right people, planning, coordinating, and creating all in one powerful and easy-to-use platform.